Information: Tips for Traders

  • When you contact another member to make a trade, make absolutely sure that you both are clear about what you are trading, and for how much.

  • Make sure that you know if there is a portion to pay in sterling, and what costs if any, there may be, i.e. for travel, materials etc. Sterling only entries are not acceptable in the Directory.

  • For guidance a Palm is roughly equivalent to £1 and we suggest an average rate of 5 Palms per hour for work done. Remember all transactions are negotiable. Final agreement is between the members concerned.

  • As with Yellow Pages, an entry in the directory is no guarantee of quality. It is your responsibility to make sure that the person you are trading with is up to the job. Most members are competent at what they offer, but few are professional, so check with them first.

  • Please do take the time to ask about people's qualifications and experience, especially in work involving children, medicine & health care, plumbing, transport, electrical and roof work etc etc

    Also we strongly advise you to check that relevant insurance cover is in operation.

  • Current balance of members' Palms accounts and recent trading history and feedback are visible to all members. See 'Exchanges' on left menu when logged in, should you wish to follow this up by getting a recommendation from a third party before trading.

  • Please respect and treat other members as you would wish to be respected and treated yourself.

  • If someone contacts you requesting your services, be honest - if you can't do it - don't. If you haven't got the time, don't trade until you have. If you make arrangements with someone, please keep to them, or tell them that you can't in good time.

  • If you offer what you enjoy doing, trading will be easier and more fun, so only advertise in the directory what you are willing and able to offer.
LETS is here to help put people together, to help match skills with needs. As an organisation we cannot take responsibility for the cost and quality of any trade that members make. Having said that, if you do have a problem, and need help sorting it out, contact us. But if you follow the above points, problems are unlikely.

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