Information: Help using this website

What everyone can do

    Everyone can see what's wanted and offered in the listings by going to those sections of the website (only members can see contact details associated with Offers and Wants).

    Everyone can view the News and Events section to see when the next meeting or work party is, for example.

    And everyone can contact us with feedback, queries or news items of relevance to Falmouth LETS.
What Members can do
    Members can add, delete or edit their own listings.

    To do this, login and choose "Update Listings". Let's say you want to offer plumbing; click on "Create Offer Listing" and enter Plumbing as the title and choose the House Repair and Construction category. You can then add a description if you wish, as well as limiting the duration of the listing.

    Members can update their profile, including adding or deleting a joint member. To do this, login and choose "Member Profile".

    Members can transfer Palms to another member in payment for a transaction they have made or invoice another member for a service they have provided. To do this, login and choose "Exchanges".

    Members can view the Members List with contact details for all members, when logged in, and also print this or any other page on the site via the "Printer Friendly Page" link which is available on every page when logged in
    Members can arrange to reset the password for their account.

    You might need to do this if you forget your password. If you try several times unsuccessfully the system will automatically reset your password, give you a new random one and notify you by email. Check your junk mailbox if it doesn't appear in the Inbox! If you don't want to wait for the system to do it, you can reset it here.

    Members can choose their own password.

    Once you've logged in with the random password you've been given you can do this from the "Member Profile" page.
What Members can't do
    Members can't update their own Palms balance.

    When you've traded with another member, the person who has received the service or item is the one who records it on the "Exchanges" page or, if they're not using the website, sends the cheque to our postal address:

      Falmouth LETS, c/o 45 Grenville Rd,
      Falmouth TR11 2NP.

    From there, the Palms Treasurer will record the transaction on the website.
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